We consult and mentor entrepreneurs of emerging start-ups and growth companies on business and product development strategies.

  • Expert advice on product design, architecture, software development and technologies
  • Access to an experienced team of entrepreneurs, investors, and business operations advisors available to help you achieve your product development goals


We engage with you to develop your mobile and enterprise products that scale on demand and provide superior customer experience and success.

  • Customized “Boutique” Product Development Platform to accelerate your software development goals
  • Flexible relationship engagement model with a proven product development process and a true Agile/Scrum methodology


We invest in your product ideas by offering capital and development services to help our portfolio clients extend and augment their investment.

  • We engage our clients with a unique “skin in the game” relationship that creates value and savings, stretching out precious investment dollars
  • We provide services to extend your money and capital ultimately to succeed in your product development objectives


  • An engagement model that partners with you to create a development and growth ecosystem for your startup
  • Access to experienced consultants and mentors who have had extensive experience in startups to assist you in all the phases of your business
  • An extended team of investors who have built technology companies and operational capability with “skin in the game” business model focused on creating value and savings, stretching out precious investment dollars
  • A highly customized “Boutique Product Development Platform”  that allows  you to leverage our Software Development Methodology that embraces proven processes, test automation accelerators, tools and frameworks to help accelerate your product objectives
  • Flexible engagement model with a true Agile and Scrum execution capability, to help you accelerate product development
  • Bench strength for rapid team project startup to meet your project goals and timelines
  • Solutions Architecture, Design, Technology, and Engineering solutions for Mobile and Enterprise applications across all stages of your product lifecycle committed to client success

What Makes Us Different

  • Our leadership team formed by entrepreneurs, investors and experienced professionals with 20+ years of experience in startups and product development
  • We have a highly customized Boutique Product Development Platform with a relationship philosophy and a “skin-in- the game” model to help you extend your investment and ensure that your business succeeds
  • Our Product Development Platform is created around customized offerings rather than cookie-cutter stereotype development shops. Combined with strong process orientation and best of breed tools and technologies, our “Platform” allows us to help you accelerate the build of your application to meet your goals to ensure it is highly scalable and serviceable
  • An experience team of advisors and mentors are available to help early-stage startups and entrepreneurs with financing, investment options, business, service delivery operations and product development services

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