Yash Shah

Rushi Luhar


Technology & Architecture


Rushi is a passionate technologist and engineer. He has built high performance trading systems for some of the world’s biggest banks as well as worked on natural language processing and machine learning systems in London’s start up scene.

Rushi has worked on data ingestion and processing systems through out his career. At Bank of Tokyo and at the Royal Bank of Canada, he worked with traders and quantitative researchers to build time series data processing platforms that could ingest tens of thousands of data points a second. He built applications that could process this streaming data and make complex trading and risk management decisions under strict time constraints. This helped modernise each bank’s trading stack and improve profitability. At SentiSum, he built the core data platform that helped their clients derive insights from online reviews, customer surveys and other unstructured text data. This allows the clients to better understand their customers and target marketing and customer support spending.

Rushi loves building products and teams. He has led diverse, high performance teams in banking and in early stage startups. He loves learning new technologies and writing code. In the last year he has been exploring natural language processing libraries in Python and learning modern web development.

What you didn’t know…
When he is not coding, Rushi enjoys cycling, reading and writing. Originally from India, Rushi currently lives in London with his wife. He has a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick.