We Are A Venture Services Company

Jeavio invests in startups and provides software development and strategic advisory services.
We leverage our expertise in building and scaling companies to help our portfolio companies succeed.

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How Do We Engage?


For Early Stage Companies


We work with seed-stage companies to help refine their vision, build a minimum viable product and set them up for success in the next stage of fundraising and growth.

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For Growing Companies

We work with growing companies to help achieve product/market fit, build a secure and scalable technology platform and to realize their product vision.


What Makes Us Different?


Skin In The Game

We structure the relationships with our portfolio companies to help maximize their runway by offering product development and advisory services for a combination of cash and equity. Our success depends on the success of our portfolio companies.  

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Effective Processes

We offer transparent, entrepreneur-friendly terms of engagement.

Our software development teams follow industry standard agile project development methods.

We build security, scalability and operational ease into our engineering practices.


Pragmatic Technology

Our engineering teams have helped build and operate both high profile consumer-facing and secure enterprise technology platforms for our portfolio companies. We offer both an opinionated technology stack for rapid product development as well as a pragmatic, open-minded approach to new technologies. 

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Motivated People

Jeavio’s founding team are entrepreneurs who have experience in building, scaling and exiting technology companies in the US, Europe and India.

Our founders have held C-level positions at both early and late stage technology companies.

Our engineering teams offer both depth and breadth across a wide variety of technologies and platforms.